Bleeding Hemorrhoids

How To STOP Hemorrhoid Bleeding For Good..

Bleeding Hemorrhoids – if you have blood coming from below when passing stools, it is quite terrifying.

Firstly you need to establish if the blood is bright red or if it is a dark red (maroon) colour. Not all anal bleeding is a result from haemorrhoids.

Bright red blood on the stool or on the tissue paper is usually a sign of bleeding hemorrhoids. Over half the adult population may experience this, even though no one really talks about it.

Darker red (maroon) blood on the stool could indicate bleeding further up the passage – unrelated to hemorrhoids and you should get it checked out immediately by a doctor.

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Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids

How does hemorrhoid bleeding come about?

When hemorrhoids (also known as piles) start forming inside the walls of the anus, overtime there is some kind of progression towards a stage where they start to bleed.

Bleeding occurs as a result of the constant friction between the faeces and the hemorroids infested inner walls of the anus.

The resulting pressure and heat generated cause the veins and consequently the walls of the anus to swell more.

As more blood flows into the veins and hemorrhoids it gets clogged there. Then when you go to pass the stool, the hemorroids get lacerated and start bleeding.

The blood can be seen on the stool and toilet tissue. In more severe cases the blood can ooze out of the anus even after the toilet session.

Bleeding hemorrhoids are very painful because there are open wounds or tears down there. This makes going to the toilet to pass stool a real nightmare!

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How can I cure bleeding hemorrhoids?

If you suffer from bleeding hemorrhoids (both internal, thrombosed or external hemorrhoids) then include more fluids and foods high in fibre in your diet.

Foods such as cereals, fruits and vegetables contain good levels of fibre. The fibre helps to produce a softer stool that can pass by the hemorrhoid with less friction.

Hard stools on the other hand (result of diets low in fibre) can further aggravate and damage the hemorrhoid and will lead to bleeding hemorrhoids.

Eating foods high in fibre can significantly relieve the pain of bleeding haemorrhoids but this will usually not be enough to fully cure hemorrhoids.

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